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Michal Rotman-Laor

Michal Rotman Laor

Michal Rotman-Laor


Born in the ISRAEL (1960), I absorbed the smell and life experience through many channels - my childhood in Holon, immigrant parents who went through the inferno in Europe during WW2, the youngest child in the family.
Alongside a secure and happy childhood, I was also exposed to feelings of alienation stemming from my family story, a world my parents lost.
My home was filled with a sense of the new ISRAEL and full of promise.
These were interspersed into my life routine.

My parents inspired me deeply, my mother with her joy of life, and my father, a well-educated, intellectual person.
Most of my life I was painting. The Love of colors, the ability to express feelings and emotions and create something out of nothing is a feeling arising from deep inside.

Painting for me is the emotional expression enfolds the totality of experiences and sights, everything beyond words.
The reality of daily life in ISRAEL does not pass without leaving an impression on me. Placing a color using different techniques fascinated me ever since. Using lines, spots, different textures and rhythms on the canvas creating eye-catching composition. It is a journey into the mind that ends on canvas using a personal and unique language.
I studied history of modern art and I take part in a painting workshop directed by Bruriah Hesnare.

I am currently attending a class at "AVNI institute of art" at Tel-Aviv.