Joseph Capicotto


Having graduated from York University in Toronto with a double major in Fine Arts and Mass Communications, Joseph has enjoyed a successful career as a freelance artist specializing in pastel portraits and fresco murals. Since then he has developed and refined a versatility of styles ranging from impressionism to abstract.

His landscape paintings especially display a sensitive eye for colour and a synchronization of design. Joseph’s trees, skies, and rivers form an exquisite harmony of tender hues, moving shapes and pattern. The atmospheric effects express a delicate and dreamy mood present in all his paintings.

Joseph’s style and techniques are continuously evolving, incorporating all his skills as an artist. Some of his paintings are completely abstract and some he integrates themes such as: landscape, figurative or musical. Overall Joseph’s portfolio offers a wide range of subject matter and styles which has earned him the reputation as a versatile artist. Examples of his work can be seen in many public buildings throughout the greater Toronto area and private collection across North America.