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Ian McAndrew


Oil and watercolour are the mediums which lends itself well to the recording of our natural environment. Transparent watercolour, especially, with its subtle movement and flow of colour, help to animate the forms of nature which are the subject of Ian McAndrew’s work. Ian was born in Northampton, England in 1947. Nine years later his parents immigrated to Canada. First settling in Edmonton, Alberta. The traveling did not stop there. As a young boy, Ian saw the varied landscape of both Canada and the United States, from the Pacific coast of California, across the American Midwest, finally to Ontario, his home for the past fifteen years. Largely self taught, he is a watchful and sensitive observer of nature in all its majesty: the seasons as they change and transform the hills and fields, storms that leave a gray mist behind them, sunshine as it dances among the shadows in a stand of birch. Ian’s work reflects his highly imaginative vision of the world around him, a vision which continues guide his brush and palette, expanding and growing with the ever changing seasons and landscape.