"Don't be afraid of colour" - David Gerstein, Painter & Sculptor speaking to BW|Businessworld

Once in a while, during the natural flow of life, we find ourselves taking part in someone else's moment of glory. David Gerstein belongs to a group of painters, all top craftsmen, whom you come across, and whose expanding body of work - increasingly filling the country - is worthy of close scrutiny.

David Gerstein

David Gerstein - Biography

Born in Jerusalem Israel in 1944. Studied at the Bezalel Academy and Ecole Superieure de Beaux Art in Paris France. Studied at the the Arts students  League New York U.S.A.

Post graduate studies at St. Martin’s School of Art in London England  Became a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

A painter and an excellent draughtsman Israeli artist David Gerstein seeks to expand the limits of two-dimentional paintings into three dimentional sculptures. In his choice of subject matter he wishes to break down the existing barriers between the work of art and its audience, by creating enchanted and simple straightforward images, which render sometimes intimate, dream-like, naïve scenes and at other times a cinematic large scale, choreographed. Reality.

Gerstein creates universal colorful and layered images of still-life compositions,urban landscapes and human activities which always retain local and autobiographical elements. His versatile body of works consist of indoor wall sculptures formed as multi-layered cutouts,outdoor works,sculptures,paintings,prints,drawings and designed objects including jewellery,which can be found in museums and galleries,indoor and outdoor public spaces,as well as artifact and design shops in Israel and around the world.