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Christopher Skoczylas

Biography: Christopher Skoczylas

Studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan, Poland (1967-1972) at the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture

Graduated with an honourable mention and Master's degree

One-man group shows in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and Spain.

Represented in public and private collections in Australia, Austria, Canada, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and the U.S.A.

Member of the Sculptor's Society of Canada (S.S.C.).

Petros Martin

Petros Martin was born in Canada, in 1951.

After studying in Italy and extensive travel in Europe, he eventually settled in Toronto, in 1986, where he continues to live and work.


Victor Nemo


Medium : mixed media

Born in 1968 in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, a land of vineyards, forests, lakes and fields.

His childhood was spent in a village with his grandfather. It was at that time that his interest in art began. Later he graduated from the Moscow Peoples University of Art, where he attended the Fine Arts Department. Influenced by his childhood memories, he creates paintings that capture places and scenes from his native home.

His first exhibition was held in 1987 in Moldova, where he received a warm reaction from art critics and viewers alike. Then he participated in the Moscow International Exhibition where he was noticed by critics as the best painter in show. Victor's experiments in art lead him to paint in style of avant-garde, surrealism, and impressionism. His travels brought him in constant search of interesting places that capture the heart of the countryside.

Recently, he discovered exciting views and landscapes of Italy, France, Moldova, USA, and Canada. Victor uses mixed media to create his scenes on canvas and board. His latest collection was recently presented at some of the biggest Art Shows in Atlanta, New York and Toronto. His paintings have become a part of personal collections in many countries.

Jacek Rudnicki

Jacek Rudnicki


The idea of thresholds has permeated all of my work for over a decade. By threshold I am referring specifically to a state of uncertainty / possibility which comes from the act of abstract painting. A nexus is to me, a threshold that not only implies an inside and an outside, a universal truth, but also a point of intersecting forces. I find this to be an astounding concept that a nexus is both a beginning and an end for the variables involved. In respect to the paintings, I feel that the viewer completes each work by bringing their perception into the nexus.

René Gruau

René Gruau


René Gruau’s illustrations were a favourite of the haute couture world and during his life-long career he collaborated with fashion houses such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Schiaperelli and Dior.

Born Count Renato Zavagli-Riccardelli in Rimini, Italy in 1909 his father was an Italian aristocrat and his mother, whose last name he adopted, was a French Socialite. He moved to Paris in 1924 and commenced his career as a fashion illustrator. In the 30s he began to sketch for Parisian magazines and newspapers such as Femina and Le Figaro and soon began working with high style magazines such as Marie-Claire and L’Officiel.

In 1948 he moved to America. He contributed to Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and became the exclusive artist for Flair magazine. His advertising campaigns for Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris utilised an old-world aesthetic, celebrating the traditional poster-art graphics of Toulouse-Lautrec, Bonnard and the pre-1900 Parisian artists.
 He continued to work in advertising, designing the hugely influential cinema poster for Fellini’s La Dolce Vita in 1959 and working on campaigns for names such as Dior, Air France, Martini and Omega watches. He has been exhibited internationally at the Paris Musée du Costume (1989) and The Musée de la Publicite (1999).

Gruau died in 2004 aged 95.

Claude Fauchere

Claude Fauchère


Claude Fauchère was born in Paris in 1936. This artist has the distinction of graduating from both the College des Arts Appliqués and the École Supèrieure Nationale des Maitres des Arts.

Fauchère's vibrant portrayals of everyday life in France have elevated his status to a national treasure. From street markets to romantic café scenes, Fauchère's art captures the essence of beautiful France.

Fauchère has won a number of awards including the Gold and Silver Medals of French Artists, the Medal of the General Counsel of Seine-Saint-Denis and the Medal of the City of Paris. His art has been shown at numerous exhibitions in his native France, including Galerie Maig Davaud, Galerie Mars in Paris, and the Galerie Saint-Hubert in Lyons. In addition, Fauchère work has been acquired by the Republic of France, the city of Puteaux, and the city of Hauts-de-Seine. Works by Fauchère can be found at museums and private collections around the world.


John LaFord

Getting Ready for the Migration 2011 - John LaFord
Getting Ready for the Migration 2011 - John LaFord

John LaFord


John Laford is an accomplished and successful native artist. John makes his home by the shores of Lake Superior where many of his inspirations come. John Laford has been the recipient of a Canada Council award which enabled him to travel and gain exposure internationally. His works have been shown across Canada and from Phoenix to New York in the USA. He has shown in Barcelona, Spain and many corporations have John Laford paintings adorning their walls.

His works are, perhaps, the most vibrant statement of the natural and spiritual world.




Born in Kiev Ukraine and now resides in Canada.

During the early seventies, Sabina completed her studies at the university of Kiev in the Ukraine. Upon graduating she and her family emigrated to Canada.

It is through a vigorous and powerful technique perfected by Sabina that she presents to the spectator contemporary scenes of landscapes and floral arrangements

Her varied colour palette include many brilliant and bold shades all to be counter balanced by subtle hues of intensity. Her use of light adds a very profound sense of artistic maturity in her work.

Her technique includes a very thick application of paint giving a much defined three dimentional aspect to her subject.

To complete the painting Sabina adds fine lines joyously finding their way through the branches and leaves giving a sense of lightness and delicateness to the finished artwork.

Ted Barr

Size: 16 x 9
Oil On Canvas

Biography - Ted Barr

Ted Barr is a painter, published author, teacher, lecturer and curator. In 1980 after his release from his regular army service, Barr started seven years period of studies with the Emin esoteric group based in London. His main areas of research were; Symbolism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology, mathematical relations as well as traditional academic studies. He holds an M.B.A degree in economy and marketing from the Tel Aviv University. Barr has written several books, Krombie, a children book and Frau Gruber Camp which was published in Hebrew in 2006 and translated into English in 2011 In 1995 Barr began his drawing lessons under the Israeli master Shlomo Tzafrir in Old Jaffa where his first exhibition was opened to the public in 2001. Since then Barr has had exhibitions in New York, Montreal, Palo Alto, Guadalajara, Detroit MI., Chianciano Terme, Cannes, Paris, Istanbul, Izmir, Cheshme, Hayward,CA., Dallas TX., Miami FL. and the Burning Man festival in Nevada. A complete list of his art exhibitions appears on his website. Barr does not sign his name on his canvases. Instead he developed a private symbol that encapsulates his esoteric studies experience; more details can be read in the article the Dual Eternity symbol In 2006 Barr had begun his experimentation with tar, which led to the development of the multi-layered tar technique that is used in most of his paintings. A combination of tar, acrylic and oil colors with lacquer. In the deep space series there are 15-20 layers in each painting. "...The white canvas is my ground, imagination the seed, intention the water, the colours are the sun, and the viewer's eye contact the fruit."

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