Carole Morin



I have a wide training in visual arts. I studied Visual Art and Art History (Université du Québec à Montréal), later taking creativity workshops with Seymour Segal in Montreal. Dance and theatre improvisation (The Moving Center, New York) are also part of my background. My primary medium is painting, but I also experiment with print-making and digital printing (Atelier Graff, Montréal).

The focus of my artistic approach is materiality. I do not attempt to express an idea or a concept when producing an image. Instead, I highlight the material characteristics of the medium by exploring the innate richness of painting matter, (texture, color, motion, depth, impact on the viewer). I glue, paint, assemble colors, lines, pieces of paper, cut-out images. I set them free to find their place on the canvas.

My work questions in particular the notion of «traces». Following the postmodern way, I draw some stylistics from the Masters. The work of Gaudi, Miró, Tàpies and Kandinsky attracts my attention.

Exhibitions and reading, amongs other things, nourish my artistic practice. Places also provide me with impressions and feelings. Since 2009, I divide my time between Montreal and Barcelona, the latter being an important source of inspiration for me.

My first professional exhibition was in 2005. To date, I have ten solo exhibitions and more than twenty selected group exhibitions to my name. My work is part of public, corporate and private collections in Canada and in Spain. I am represented by the Galerie d'art Michel-Ange (Montreal).