Barbara Krupp


As live goes by each day gets more special. I have started painting wild and happy. In a way I have always done that but now every time I pick up the brush I never know what is going to happen, so I let it fly. I still have my calm peaceful days of walking in the garden and I let that peace come through. But lately color fills my soul and I love it. Hopefully in the sadder times of life and the world does seem to have a lot of sad moments these days , I will let loose with joy. Come join me!!!


"Restoration, Recycling and Remembering"
I have completed a series of 15 paintings.  The sizes range from 4’x6’ to 6’x14’. The name of the series is “Restoration, Recycling and Remembering.” The medium is acrylic paint with oil sticks. I started the project June 15, 2010 and completed them July 29, 2010. It was my summer’s magnificent obsession.
I have been painting for 40 years. What have the years taught me about art and life? They are both the same. One day you think you are at the top of both and then the next day, what happened?

I have learned that without the bad days, there is no gage for the good days. We think we are so different and yet look around at the world and we are all the same. Essentially we are all looking for something. My thought is to make each day the best we can and live in the now. Looking and being thankful for what is around us is so important. Making each of the five senses count in the moment is so vital. I use them all when I paint. I expect my viewer to respond emotionally when they look at my work. My native language is painting. I have made this my life’s work.

studied with Fred Leach, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, Graham Nickson