Avi Shwartz
Tying The Boat

Avi Schwartz- Biography

Avi Schwartz was born in 1938 in Bucharest, Romania and immigrated to Israel at age of 10. His talent as an artist was revealed at a young age by his father an art collector, who encouraged Avi to develop his talent. Avi studied at "Avni Institute" (1954-1955) and learned with the well known teachers: Marsel Janco, Streihman and Steimatzky. Their turn to the abstract did not appeal to Avi and he stopped painting. After several years he returned to study with the artist Zvi Schor (1970-1971) and then with Prof. Shwarzman. As a young talented artist he painted with the artists: Lubin, Holzman and Nahum Guttman especially in Jaffa's alleys, coffee-houses and at the port.

In 1979 Avi studied at the Art Academy "Grand Shumeir" in Paris. He has exhibited in many solo exhibitions in Israel, South Africa and Venezuela and participated in group exhibitions in Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Japan. Avi's affection for Jaffa is felt in the many subjects that appear in his paintings: the markets, the alleyways, coffee-shops and the people there, the sea and fishermen.

Avi takes grey reality and colors it with bright colors, using creativeness, colorfulness, the fragrances of the present and nostalgia of the past bringing them together on his canvases and fascinating the observer. Avi Shwartz is a sincere, coherent artist among the first row of artists in Israel. He defines his style as moving between post impressionism and fauvism. He believes in art that is examined by its real qualities, even if it belongs to an old system and doesn't try to be unique and break consensus.
Avi reaches the essence of things and emphasizes in excellent technical abilities and in great sensitivity the positive, beautiful and aesthetic in them.

His artwork wins great appraise and is exhibited in galleries around the world along with the best Israeli artists.

His paintings are in private and public collections.

In 2013 Avi Schwartz  was awarded by the Petach Tikva City by many years of activity to raise the prestige of Petah Tikva, on giving and volunteering to improve the quality of life in Petah Tikva.