Agnes Stoklosa
Red Apple

Agnes Stoklosa


Agnieszka (Agnes) Stoklosa is a native of Torun, Poland where she obtained her secondary education growing up among the vibrant local art scene. She moved to

Canada in 1992 and settled in Toronto where she received her artistic training both in private studios and at Ontario College of Art and Design (AOCAD). Upon graduation, Agnes was awarded a Medal in Material Art and Design.

Agnes’ early works include paintings on silk, ceramics and textiles. Her focus is now on paintings of still life, particularly flowers and fruits executed in a richly textured media.

Her technique involves a unique blending of bees’ wax and oil paint, combined with the elements of sculpting. In this contemporary reference to the ancient techniques of encaustic, Agnes fuses a sophisticated background with a simple, and yet very eloquent still life image, reminding us of both the complexity of nature and its profound simplicity.

Agnes' paper work is craftily executed and it incorporates the artisan’s tradition and the fine art conceptualization; a remnant, perhaps, of the medieval town in which she grew up and of the training in Toronto.